Achieved Awards & Testimonials

"Dr.Stephen Hazlett is what I want in a doctor. He is a good listener and patient among other good qualities. Over the years, I have had some really bad back isues. I moved to this area a couple year ago. A member of my family had been referred to Dr. Hazlett by a workmen's comp. person. My family member was favorably impressed, so I thought I would give him a try. I brought in all my old records and he listened to me before he gave me a treatment. He was able to pick up on just what I needed. Now I go mostly for maintenance. Dr. Hazlett does a really great job for me." 

-CCE 08/23/2017

"I met Dr. Bushong when I was 15, on December 24, 2015, yes, Christmas Eve. At that point I had been suffering from a concussion for a little over 3 months. I do not remember much from that initial visit except that the eye tests made me feel sick and laying on my side made me feel dizzy. I would spend 6 months in PT and OT with Dr. Bushong and his amazing staff. My concussion changed my life and I firmly believe that if it wasn't for Dr. Bushong and his staff I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now. I'm still not completely cleared, I still have headaches. But I have mobility on the left side of my body back, the ability to walk correctly, the ability to move my eyes the way I want them too. I have my balance and I have my long term and short term memory back as well. I'm now 16 almost 17, I'm back in school full-time and I even have my learners permit. I will never forget the kindness that was shown to me by the C.A.L.I. staff." - Gracie M.

"Since my very first appointment with Dr. Lasko, I knew I was at the right place. His care for my neck injury has been top notch! He carefully explains to me what my issues are and the method of treatment 

Kayla has been giving me therapeutic massage in conjunction with my treatment. She is a kind young woman with magical hands! :) Her pressure is gentle & calm.

The staff is very professional & friendly. I look forward to my visits and am treated with respect and dignity. :) "

-Georgine Wood 04/09/2017

"Dr. Bushong & Dr. Lasko have been our saving grace! We don't know what we would have done without the amazing care they have provided. The staff is super nice and helpful as well. 

We were referred to C.A.L.I by someone who received treatment for a concussion caused by an auto accident. While our son's concussion was not as serious as that person's we were still in limbo as to treatment and  what to do. We could not get an appointment with  a pediatric neurologist for months .Our son was missing school and could not function on a daily basis. Our son was dealing with a constant headache, dizziness, light and sound sensitivity, memory issues, balance issues and exhaustion.

We are very glad that we found C.A.L.I. and opted for the treatment program they provided. Within a week our son reported his headache was lessoning and within two weeks it was gone. He was able to start attending school for a few hours a day within two weeks and full-time within a month. Not being able to get into the neurologist was a blessing as we now believe that C.A.L.I. provided the best possible care for our son.

Our son also has anxiety and ADD. As a result of the treatment he has received for his concussion it has also helped his ADD. The treatment that they provide is amazing and Dr. Lasko is so enthusiastic and excited about the results, its infectious.

We would recommend C.A.L.I. to anyone. They are well diverse and educated in the services they provide. "

Robert and Rebecca Breault  03/24/2017

"First and foremost I would like to thank you all for your service. Each and everyone of you that treated me. You did so professionally and courteously. I was in for rehab. Due to an injury at work. It goes without saying, when you go to a Dr. for the first time, you don't know what to expect. i for one would tell people to go to your office.  Like I told two of the Doctors there, if you could make a pill that makes you feel the way one does after your back gets cracked for 8 hours you would be out of a job. Everything you did for me and what I am doing at home now reflects the work you do every day. I'm not 100% yet, working to get there. God bless you all. I'll probably see you someday for some type of adjustment." Stephen Ruby (03/21/2017)

"I was injured at work. WorkNet referred me to Dr. Hazlett. Due to his expertise, caring and willingness to try alternatives to help me get back to "normal", I'm very pleased to say that "I'm stronger than ever".

Thank you!

I appreciate not only Dr. H., but all the staff. They are professional, kind and caring. God bless you all!" - C. Raeburn (12/09/2015)

"Dr. Bushong has helped me tremendously! After my concussion, I suffered from headaches, sensitivity to bright lights, loud sounds and motion. In addition, I had trouble sleeping and difficulty concentrating. Through eye therapy and chiropractic treatments I am doing so much better and was actually able to go to concerts, tolerate the crowds in an airport, and bake Christmas cookies...all things that I couldn't have done a few months ago! 

The office staff is professional, courteous, patient, and fun-loving, as well as the doctors! Everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and answers questions. The best thing is they really "know their stuff" and also take the time to listen to you! Thanks! - Sharon F. (12/15/2015)

"Dr. Lasko is amazing at what he does. His honesty and compassion show through and I never underestimate his long-term goals for individual needs. My husband and I both went to him for very different injuries and he always reassured the outcome of treatment. He takes the time to help you understand the reasoning behind the plan of attack. Our gratitude to him and the office staff is beyond words I could ever say." - Marlo Noble (11/09/2015)

"My quality of life improved dramatically during my treatment for balance, dizziness, and visual issues stemming from concussions. The staff and doctors were knowledgeable, supportive and friendly. I'm grateful that they helped me feel better." - Rebecca Banford (12/11/2015)

"Chiropractic Assoc. of Lancaster helped solve my daughters neck pain problem. Through adjustments, balance exercises and vision therapy she is finally free of pain! We are very very grateful to the Team. In addition, the doctors also helped my husband avoid neck surgery due to a bulging disc. We highly recommend this practice- The Tate Family (12/14/2015)

"I injured my back at work last year. I was referred to Chiropractic Associates by my employer. On my first visit to the office my pain was so intense that I couldn't sit or get comfortable in any position. The kindness and compassion of the office staff meant so much to me. Their concern for me was genuine. I feel so fortunate to have been assigned Dr. Hazlett as my Chiropractor. I never felt rushes, he always explained what I could expect as far as my treatment and therapy. His background in exercise physiology seemed to be an added bonus in my care.My goal was to get my life back and Dr. Hazlett helped me make that happen. I can honestly say that ever time I went into the office I was met with courtesy, professionalism and kindness. I would highly recommend Chiropractic Associates to my family and friends." - Wendy Christi (01/06/2016)

"I just want everyone to know how wonderful the staff is. All of the staff are very friendly. Dr. Lasko explains his answers very clearly, so that way you understand. This is my "2nd round" going to the office. I was in two car accidents and this is the place that I feel that I'm getting the best care and respect." Jessica A. Nunn (12/30/2015)

"I can not say enough about Dr. Bushong. He and his staff have helped me for years. I can always count on him to give incredible care, and always with such a feeling of make me feel like a friend. He takes the time to ease one's mind and help in every way possible. I recommend Chiropractic Associates 1,000,000 %!" - Lisa Kalinowski (01/19/2016)