You can't be injured in an auto collision without vehicle damage..REALLY?

Having treated auto accident patients for over 20 years I have seen the argument regarding no damage to the vehicle---no injury to the person several times.  And quite frankly, that opinion is COMPLETELY WRONG!

 There have been several changes to the automobile, especially the bumpers, to reduce the visible damage done by collisions as well as reduce the costs to the insurance company.  First and foremost, a complete overview of the vehicle by a body shop must be completed as noted in the article to fully evaluate the actual damage.  Just because there was no damage to the bumper or minimal paint was “chipped off” does not mean a person could not be injured.  There have been studies documenting occupants injured in rear impact collisions with a change in velocity of their vehicle as little as 2.5mph.

There are also several “risk factors” that are involved in auto collisions that need to be evaluated and documented to make an opinion if the occupant could have been injured.  These include vehicle sizes, awareness, head position and other factors.  If these are not addressed and understood, making a “blanket statement” that if there was no damage to the vehicle the occupants could not get injured is incorrect!   

At Chiropractic Associates of Lancaster, Inc., we have extensive training in Whiplash and Spinal Trauma injuries that allow us to evaluate, document and treat these injuries.